Scope of supply

Specialised trained engineers for the rotating equipment to help the end users in identifying the best solutions for any problem they may face. Liner Hanger maintenance is carried out by our professional and qualified crew to optimise the LHR performance.


  • Provision of experienced Liner Hanger Service from the Original Equipment Manufacturer for supervision of assembling and stab up and running and setting the company’s provided Liner Hanger Equipment of TIW make.
  • Our Service Engineer shall also stab-up of their Liner Hanger, test the same at our ware house facility, perform all the calculations relevant to the job, supervise running and setting and cementation of Liner hanger of all the sizes of TIW make.
  • Provision of TIW rental tools on rental basis (Running and Setting Tools) for all sizes of Liner Hanger (Hydraulic and Mechanical type)

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